Happy Seller of Hot Wheels Redline Sizzlers

Hot Wheels Sizzler

Selling your Hot Wheels Redline Sizzlers collection? See what this seller thought of the buying process at toybuyer.com.

In early 2010, I wanted to sell some of the toys, particularly Sizzler cars that I had acquired when I worked for Mattel Toy. I found John’s name and number from his website and contacted him directly.

I had no interest in listing my items on eBay at that time. He was receptive to my verbal account and I then sent him pictures. Within a few days he called me and made a great offer. We made arrangements for payment and shipping that was acceptable to both of us and the entire transaction was completed within the week.

I gave him my son’s email address and he too has had satisfactory dealings with John. I have kept contact with John since our transaction and he has given me some advice on other toys. I consider this a very satisfactory transaction and highly recommend him to other sellers of their toys.”

Otto P., Senior Manufacturing Engineer, retired – Mattel Toy 1969-1976

At Toybuyer.com we are always happy to get testimonials from customers that get an offer on their redline hot wheels and have great reviews of working with us. This is another happy seller of their Hot Wheels redline Sizzlers collection.

How to Tell Which Hot Wheels are Valuable

Have you recently discovered some redline Hot Wheels and can’t tell if they’re valuable? Are you wondering if it’s worth it to create an ebay store and list each Hot Wheel individually, deal with sales tax, shipping and the administration of pricing out each Hot Wheel and putting parameters around minimum bids? Or would you rather just deal with one buyer that can give you a price for your Hot Wheels collection? So how do you tell which Hot Wheels are valuable? Get a free offer from John and you’ll likely agree with Otto (above) and enjoy the ease of selling your redline Hot Wheels collection to one buyer.