"In early 2010, I wanted to sell some of the toys, particularly Sizzler cars that I had acquired when I worked for Mattel Toy. I found John's name and number from his website and contacted him directly. I had no interest in listing my items on eBay at that time. He was receptive to my verbal account and I then sent him pictures. Within a few days he called me and made a great offer. We made arrangements for payment and shipping that was acceptable to both of us and the entire transaction was completed within the week. I gave him my son's email address and he too has had satisfactory dealings with John. I have kept contact with John since our transaction and he has given me some advice on other toys. I consider this a very satisfactory transaction and highly recommend him to other sellers of their toys."
--Otto P., Senior Manufacturing Engineer, retired - Mattel Toy 1969-1976
"I had a few Redline Hot Wheels cars which I tried to find information about but there was a lot of confusion about the value. When I contacted John, he was very nice to talk to and helped me with my situation. He got back to me very quickly, and was a pleasure to work with. I would definitely do business with him again."
--Dave Madara
"I had a very large collection of Redline Hot Wheels, that were my husband's. My son helped me coordinate the sale & evaluate the collection. I found a number of collectors online interested in purchasing the collection, including John. John's offer was much better than the others and I was paid promptly. John sent along some simple instructions on how to ship the cars safely and the deal was completed in no time. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend John is you have some vintage cars or toys to sell." "John was extremely professional and helped out with every step of the way. Couldn't have asked for a better selling experience!"
--Lisa C. - Texas / Nolan L.- Las Vegas, NV (Mother & Son)
"When moving to a new house I came across 25 Redline Hot Wheels I had as a kid. One night I went online to research, noticed how valuable they possibly could be. I contacted John, we exchanged information back and forth. Within a few days I felt he had offered me a very fair offer for all of them. Saved me time from trying to sell one by one plus they went to someone that will appreciate them. In person transaction was easy since we both live within the Cleveland area."
--Chris Leckler - Cleveland, Ohio
"John provided me with confidence that I was working with a legitimate and honest person. I am very concerned with on-line transactions and the conversations removed my concerns. John was very competitive with his pricing and showed a genuine interest in the toys. Communicating was easy and quick, the transactions were easy and quick. Absolutely the best on-line transaction I have had. Great person to work with."
--Kenneth Trone - Illinois
" I had quite a few of my husbands old hot wheels and match box cars and had no clue what to do with or who I could trust. After searching online I found John's website and his reviews were good so I took a chance and contacted him. John was so professional and kind. His offer was very generous and he made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend doing business with him. Thank you John!"
--Vicky M. - Michigan
"It was a pleasure and overall very smooth experience working with John. I felt that his valuations were fair and his dealings honest. John consistently communicated, and promptly executed everything that he said he would do. I am 100% satisfied and will work with him again. Grant"
--Grant T.-California
"After finding my original collection of 62 hot wheels cars, I thought it was time to pass them onto someone else. I found the "toybuyer" website along with three other collector sites. John was quick to respond and asked several questions, indicating to me that he was truly interested in my 68-71 redline collection. After sending pictures and information to all of the potential buyers, John had the most interest and offered the best price. He also helped me evaluate the collection as I had some colors misidentified. After the deal was struct, his payment arrived promptly and included the shipping and insurance coverage as well. He also provided some guidance on shipping. Very satisfied with my decision and would seek him out again."
--A.J. E. - MN
"I want to take this time and let you all know that the transaction I made with John was as simple and professional I could ask for. Sometimes you are a little leery doing business on line but it was great working with him and I would do it again. Thanks again John."
--Greg Enos - Taunton, MA
"I saw John's ad and gave him a call. He was very easy to work with and things went very smooth. I will call him when I dig out some more Red Lines. I can tell he is very passionate about his toys."
--Mike Hopkins - Indiana
"Earlier this year I had the pleasure of selling my collection of redlines to John. He is the most professional, fair and thorough person I have ever dealt with online! The entire selling experience was super easy, with John providing helpful tips on packing the collection and shipping. I would not hesitate to work with John again, and highly recommend him to anyone who is thinking of selling their beloved Redlines! Warmest regards."
--Carl Gerard - Connecticut
"I found John's Toy Chest on a Google search for buying Red Line Hot Wheels. I had been thinking of selling the collection as I never displayed them but I knew they were worth something. I did not want to sell the individual cars as some were in played with condition plus the time it would take to sell individual cars. I knew that after I pass away likely my children would not realize their value and likely give them away. I sent John an Email, he contacted me that day by phone. I emailed photos of my small 44 car Hot Wheel and 45 matchbox collection to him. He noted it would take a few days to review the photos. He called me back and I was pleasantly surprised will his offer. I was thinking $600 to $900, He offered me $1500. I accepted the offer and was willing to drive from Michigan to his house to drop off. He explained in detail how to ship them without damage. He then sent me a check for 1550.00 ($50 to cover shipping). I shipped them and let him know shipping and packing materials came to $62.45. He then mailed me a check for the difference. I was very happy with the deal and he was on it every step of the way. I highly recommend John Macko."
--Charlie W. - Michigan
"I would just like to say that my dealings with John to sell him my Hot Wheel collection from my childhood was very fair and straight forward. I sent him pictures of all the cars and he got back quickly with an offer and it was an offer I was happy with so we made the deal. He sent the money for the cars and also shipping before I sent them to him which worked out great! All in all an enjoyable experience! Thanks John!"
--Joe. H. - Ohio
"I found John on the Internet, and what a great experience, he's the real deal. I'm in my 50s, living in Virginia. My elderly mother in New York asked that I take all of my 40+ year old toys from her house, stuff that she'd put away in plastic tubs over 4 decades ago. There were Hot Wheel cars, Matchbox cars, Tonka trucks and much, much more. Long story short, I didn't have the time or desire to learn how to sell this massive amount of stuff piece by piece. John and I agreed that I'd ship it all to him and he'd get in touch with me soon after with a quote for him to buy the whole lot. Keep in mind, John was mainly interested in the Hot Wheels, which is his main area of interest and expertise. But he listened to me, and knew I just wanted to unload the whole lot. In short, he gave me a great offer, mailed me a check, done deal. I just think the world of John. Great guy. As honest as he is kind."
--Chip S. - Chantilly, Virginia
"I decided to sell some of my childhood red line hot wheels, found John's website, read some of the great testimonials and decided to give him a try. He responded right away that he was interested so I sent over some pictures and within a couple of days I received a very fair offer and he even offered to pay the shipping and insurance costs. He is a very fair and honest person, I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again. Thanks again, take care."
--Ron R. - California
"I had over 80 Redlines from childhood that were up in a closet never seeing the light of day. I checked out Ebay and, of course, the prices are all over the place even for the same color, model and quality. I may have been able to earn a bit more by spending time and effort at pricing each car or themes of cars, but my time is better spent doing other things. I came across John’s website and after going back and forth by emails with example pics and descriptions he made me an offer on the entire collection. I thought it was a very reasonable offer (including his payment of shipping and insurance coverage). It was very quick and saved me lots of time. I am happy to have the cars in the hands of someone who will make use of them and is currently enjoying the cars more than my dark closet was."
-- Norm B. - California
"John was great to deal with on the purchase of my Redline Hot Wheels. He called me back as he said he would and made me a great offer. Very professional, and knowledgeable. Thanks John!!"
--Tim M. - Indiana
"I recently sold a collection of Matchbox and Topper Johnny Lightning cars I had lying around which I thought would be nearly impossible being not from the US, but luckily I found John and everything went smooth as can be. Very honest man and dedicated to this industry."
-- Alex E. - Saint Lucia
"I was asked by a friend of mine to sell his collection of Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Johnny Lightening, and Corgi cars he had since he was a kid.  There were roughly 200 cars and I had no idea where to start. That was until I came across John’s website. Once I reached out to John, he put my mind at ease. John was very knowledgeable, professional, patient, and above all fair! We arranged payment through Paypal and with John’s helpful instructions on how to ship the cars, the entire deal, beginning to end, was very quick. Thanks again John. You were great to do business with!"
-- Brandon Ptak - Chicago, Illinois
"Had a fantastic experience dealing with John. He is very fair, honest, and quite knowledgeable. I regard him as a great person and very pleasant to strike a deal with! He also gave me a good line on another contact for some of my other cars. Thanks John!"
-- Ted B. - Ohio
"Had my first experience with John when I had a collection of Red Line Hot Wheels. Found him to be very fair in his offer and very quick to complete payment. Look forward to doing business with him again in the future."
-- Margaret H.
"I recently sold my small childhood Hot Wheels collection. I feel very fortunate to have found John. He made the whole process super easy. I was surprised how much it was worth. John is a real gentleman and a pleasure to do business with."
-- Ted Lutz - Pennsylvania
"I was looking to sell my small collection of Hot Wheels, Johnny Lightning, and Matchbox cars I've had since my childhood in the '60s. I was doing some research online and came across John's website. I'm glad I did. After sending John a few photos of the collection, he promptly got back to me and made me a fair offer. Since we both utilize PayPal, payment was easy. John sent me great instructions regarding packing and shipping. And John even covered the PayPal and shipping costs! John promptly received his shipment capping off a very smooth and enjoyable transaction! I'm so glad I found his website and we were able to do business!"
-- Jerry Burns - Iowa
"I recently had to clean out my grandparents attic. I found two cases of Hot wheel cars. I knew nothing about them but a friend said I should get them checked out. I researched on eBay and seeing that there was some value to them I figured I’d sell them on the local market for $600. I found John’s website online and before I sold them I decided to contact him with pictures of the cars and see if $600 was a good asking price. I didn’t want to sell them to him just looking for information about the cars. I don’t have PayPal and I never sold anything so I knew he was in Ohio and I’m in Massachusetts, so I figured that wouldn’t work. After my email John contacted me immediately and told me please take them off your local market sites because $600 is giving them away. He told me he’d review my cars and give me an offer in an hour. I received an offer of $1450 from John for my cars. I was still skeptical and was wondering how he would get me the $1450. He said he would send a check I would cash it and when the check clears, I could send him the cars. That’s just what he did. I am sure glad I found John’s site because I would’ve lost out on another $850. John is a trustworthy, fair guy and me not knowing what kind of cars I had it was a great show of honesty and these days that’s hard to find . Thanks John."
-- David Boucher - MA
"I had a large collection of Mattel Hot Wheels etc and had no idea of value. It was my lucky day when I discovered John’s website. It was a pleasure to work with him. His response was immediate with prepayment etc. I would recommend him to anyone."
-- Nancy W. - Arizona
"I had three RedLine Hot Wheels in blister packs from the late 60's. Just by luck I found John through an internet search. After contacting and sending pictures he bought them from me for a very fair price. He even picked up the shipping! My experience could not have been better. Okay, if I had more Hot Wheels it would have better. Thanks, John."
-- Mike B. - Oregon
"I received a toy car collection a number of years ago after the passing of my great uncle. Included in this collection were several Redline Hot Wheels (still in original blister packs). After sitting untouched in a box in my basement, I finally decided it was time to send them along to someone who would appreciate them more. Knowing they were collectible, I reached out to a number of people to try and determine what they were worth. John was very helpful and expressed an interest in purchasing the Redlines, as well as several other cars in the collection (other collectors were only interested in the Redlines.) John offered a good price and was very responsive to all of my questions. He helped make the whole process very easy. I would certainly recommend John to anyone else looking to sell a toy car collection."
-- Kyle G. - Pembroke, NH
"Great person to do business was very polite and timely. Would sell to again no problem."
-- Eric H.
"I contacted John at toybuyer.com to sell some of my husbands treasured hot wheels. John was very understanding of my situation and I feel that he gave me a very fair price for the collectibles that he purchased. He made me feel very comfortable when walking me through the process and made sure that I was paid in a timely manner. I would definitely do business with him in the future."
-- Donna L - Burnsville, MN
"John is the best. Before you contact anyone regarding buying your Redlines, call him first. He is very honest with his prices and offers. He is knowledgeable and very trustworthy. Trust me, do business with John. "
-- Lou B. Kodak - Tennessee
"I was trying to find a way to place a value on and eventually sell a collection of Redline Hotwheels. My search took me to Ebay/Amazon and various other online sites that offered to value and even purchase the collection. Unfortunately, the pricing was inconsistent and sale and delivery process confusing and cumbersome. Finally, my search took me to ToyBuyer.com! I contacted John and he was very personable and professional from our first conversation. I forwarded him some photos along with an inventory of the collection. He requested some additional close ups of a few cars and made me a very fair and attractive offer within 24 hours. Once I accepted his offer, John sent his payment promptly along with detailed packing and shipping instructions. My only concern was delivering the collection in the same condition and as professionally and promptly as John handled his side of the transaction. The whole transaction went as professional as you could ask. Upon receipt of the collection, John even forwarded reimbursement for shipping! He has since followed up and kept in touch. He is great to deal with and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to sell their collection."
-- J. Klein - Cypress, TX
"I was searching the Internet to determine the value of three vintage Hot Wheels that were in my collection. I came across John's site and contacted him. I had planned to list them on eBay, but John expressed interest in purchasing them himself. He requested that I send him some photos. After he viewed them we negotiated a price that was fair to both of us. He gave me a suggestion on how to protect the cars in shipping (they were on the original cards) and I then sent them off to him. I was happy that they arrived safely and that he was pleased. A very nice fellow collector and straight shooter."
-- Bill Hamburg - Coupeville, WA
"My name is Alan. I had a small collection of Redline Hot Wheels that I was looking to sell quickly. I first considered Ebay, but as there was so many others for sale, I had no confidence that I could sell quickly and get fair value. I found John's website "toybuyer.com" and read the testimonials and felt contacting John about buying my collection would be a very practical solution. I sent a summary email of what I had and John contacted me the next day to request pictures. I sent pictures of everything and after 2 days or so, we had made a deal that I felt was very fair as condition is related to value. My next issues involved packing them up. John helped me through the entire process. After discussing payment options (Paypal, etc), I decided after my recent contacts with John to trust him and accept his check. No one would spend all this effort to rip someone off. John sent me a box with wrapping materials and detailed instructions on how to wrap up each loose car or packaged car and his personal check which I deposited and after it cleared I sent my packaged collection via USPS for which I was quickly reimbursed. I would recommend John to anyone trying to sell their collection who wants a fair price and a simple, quick and honest transaction. Thank you again, John. You may be the last honest person on earth, but I am very happy to have done business with you!"
-- Alan S. - Atlanta, GA
"I was given a bunch of Hot Wheels and had no idea what to do with them. I found John on u tube and saw that he brought Hot Wheels. I got a hold of him and he made it very easy. Took pictures and he made me a fair offer. He has helped me to try and sell the Hot Wheels I still have. I would recommend John to anyone who is looking to sell."
-- Barbara - California
"Ten years ago I contacted John to appraise my Redline Hot Wheels collection. He contacted me, came to see the cars and was very professional and fair, but I was not ready to sell. Ten years later, 2017, I was ready. John again came to see the cars and gave me a very fair price. I actually kept a couple of the cars from my childhood and sold the rest to John. I would highly recommend talking to him before you sell to anyone else. He knows and loves Hot Wheels just as we did as kids!"
-- John M. - Columbus, OH
"Thank You John for a Wonderfully Smooth transaction! Completely Professional and Courteous! I Highly Recommend ToyBuyer for All of Your toy selling needs! Thank You Again!!"
-- Barry G. - Elizabeth, WV
"I had a very good experience selling our Hotwheels to John. He was very fair in price, answered questions & emails promptly. I would highly recommend his services. Thank You again John. Sincerely,"
-- Valerie Castaldi, Oakley, California
"John at ToyBuyer.com was so much easier than hassling with eBay or other auction sites. If you're thinking about selling your collectible toys email John. I get the feeling without meeting him that John is a gentle giant. He communicated well every step of the way. Next time I sift through any more of my treasures I'll think of John to offer up a fair price and a relaxed sale process."
-- Bill Pratt, Eastern Nebraska
"Hello everyone, I am Christal. I had some old Hot Wheels that I was looking to get rid of. I didn't know very much about them or the worth for that matter, I had tried everything from selling them on Facebook to Ebay, I was getting offers here and there but nobody that I felt I could trust or even would care for them the way that they should be. I was browsing the internet one day and happened to come across John's website toybuyer.com and just by looking through everything and reading about who he was and what he was about, I had a gut feeling to contact him about my collection. I immediately had got a response from him and we went back and forth. I sent pictures of everything and we had made a deal. John helped me through my whole process it was my first time ever selling one of my old collections and it was my first time ever using PayPal, and he was even able to help me with that also! He was so polite and able to answer all of my questions I had. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone and everyone that is trying to sell their items and want to work with someone that is fair on his prices, honest, caring, and has GREAT communication. I Look forward to working with John again in the future. I hope that my experience will inspire other first timers to do business with John. Thank you John for all that you have done it was an absolute pleasure to have met and done business with you!!!!"
-- Christal, NJ
"In 2009, after years and years of storage, I finally opened a box of Hot Wheels cars I received from my dad who was a service station dealer in the 60s. Shell dealers were giving away a car with every five gallons bought (can you imagine that today?). My dad had several cases left over after the promotion, and I'm sure some were taken inappropriately by sticky fingered employees. I was able to hold onto this case for decades...even though I had sons who would have loved to open it and play with the cars. I'm glad I didn't let them do that. When I opened the box, I really didn't know what I had, but I could tell that some of the sealed packages were beginning to wear out a bit. I went online to check out my treasure and after a short search found John. Once we connected, I learned that many of the cars were potentially worth quite a bit and others not so much. With his direction, I was able to compare his comments with others I found online. John's estimate was spot on and since I really wanted to sell them, we came to an agreement quickly. I think the price I got was fair and appropriate for the whole case considering the condition some were in. John was great to work with. We met in a convenient place and he confirmed the condition and pricing. Right then and there the transaction was completed in cash. No fuss, no muss. I couldn't recommend him more highly. If I find another case in my attic, you can bet that I'll give John another call. "
-- Robert T., Business author and consultant, San Francisco, CA
"Hello, my name is Branden. I was born in the mid 60's. I loved toys from an early age, but when other kids were playing with their toys, I was collecting mine. I kept most of my toys in good condition and most of them I kept in their boxes. But I always played with the ones that were my favorite. Now here I am 50 years old and I still have most of my toys. I sold some of them around 1995 and got completely ripped off. Now its 2016 and I was browsing the web and came across this web site. I put in my info and what I was interested in selling and promptly received an email from a man named John. I cannot say enough good things about John. He was the most honest and kind man that I have met in a long time. We got to talking and I found out that he was interested in my collectibles. So I packaged them up and sent them. He paid me very promptly and kept in contact about everything. I am also going through some serious health issues and John was so patient and kind to me. I had also sent him some toys that I knew nothing about, he researched and sold them for a really good price. All I have to say is, that if you're on the fence about who to sell your collectibles to, I HIGHLY recommend going with John. His honesty is something you don't find in this day and age. Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope my experience helps."
-- Branden, CA
"I was starting to sell some of my toy collection. I was on the Internet and ran across John’s web site and that is where this all started. I contacted John in regards to selling my collection to him. We made several communications back and forth and John won my trust which is not easy to do. This was my first time in making such a deal over the Internet. I told john what I had and the condition, then sent pictures. From there we made arrangements to purchase. John purchased 64 hot wheels which were my prized collection. I think he gave a very fair price I think John enjoyed doing this as much as I did. I would recommend to anyone buying or selling your toys, to give John a chance. Thanks."
--John B., Eastern Nebraska
"I received a call from John regarding a friend’s Hotwheels collection after I found his page online and emailed him about it. John responded within a day. He made me an offer for her cars and the transaction was completed within a few days-very impressive. Anyone who talks or deals with John will be very happy with the experience and knowledge he has. Thank you again John. I wish you and your family well and your website all the best luck. You handle things as I would like all business people to do. You’re the best. Sincerely,"
-- David Zinn, Chicago, IL
"I contacted John after trying a few others on the internet with no luck. John was much different than the others. I sent him some photos of my redline Hotwheels and we came to a price for the cars. John sent his payment as promised and the whole transaction went as professional as could be. John also helped me find a buyer for my Matchbox cars which was to me going beyond what I expected. I would recommend him in a second to anyone looking to sell their collection."
-- Ken Benson, Prescott AZ
"John, The transaction went well. Thanks for your offer. From start to finish it seemed very simple. Thanks for making the sale so easy. I included some extra track and curves, which I had intended to include anyway and I think there was an extra Rumbler that wasn't listed, also. Again, thanks for making the transaction easy. I'll pass your name along if I hear of anyone wanting to sell their collection. It was very good doing business with you."
-- Bill M. from Montello, WI
"I sold my Redline Hot Wheels collection to John. After he viewed the digital photos, we established a fair price for the entire lot. The transaction went smoothly and quickly."
-- Frank Putz, Southern CA
"This was my first time selling collectible toys and I was very pleased with my selling experience with John. It was very fast, easy and professional. I sent him an email and some pictures and he gave me a great offer. I would definitely recommend John's Toy Chest to anyone."
-- Will Baldwin from Texas
"I can without hesitation recommend selling your toy collection to John. He was professional and timely in his replies and follow-ups. He paid a fair price for our Redline Hot Wheels collection, and exhibited the utmost integrity. I highly recommend doing business with John! Sincerely, "
-- Jeanne F., Portola, CA
"I wanted to send you a quick note to let know that I really appreciate the professional way that you treated me during our transaction. Your clear and concise instructions on how to ship my prized cars really helped me feel that I was dealing with a pro. Please feel free to use me as a reference to any future customers you may have. Thanks Again. "
-- I. Eberhart, Alton, Illinois
"I let John know that I had cars to sell, sent him some pictures and got a very good price. Also he seemed to really like the cars and collecting, not just in it for the money. Thanks and I would recommend him to anyone ready to sell their child hood toys. "
-- Leonard N., Midland, MI
"My experience with John was very professional! Once I contacted him, we discussed how we would do business. He introduced himself and was very kind. He talked to me, and I felt very comfortable doing business with him. He explained everything to me so I could understand what to do. He also gave truthful pricing of the items I was selling him (this was my first time ever doing business like this). This experience has left me very impressed and happy that I chose John to do business with. I wouldn't chose anyone else than John because I can trust what he tells me and how much something really is! I recommend John to anyone who wants to sell Hot Wheels. Thanks John for all your help and patience."
-- Karen M. from Texas
"My husband and I had a very good experience with John. We had some old Hot Wheels that were my father-in-laws. We never sell anything on eBay. I just typed in Hot wheels buyer and his website came up. He was so helpful and knowledgeable. We had no idea what to charge. He had us send pictures and over the phone he made us a very, what we thought was an excellent offer. The whole deal was so smooth and professional. We have other things we need to sell and he has offered to help us with that too. We will recommend him to anyone who needs to sell some Hot Wheels. We can't say enough good things about him and the whole transaction. You hear about people getting taken and all the fraud out there. He made it safe and very easy."
-- Joyce Alameda, Fremont, CA
"I sold John my collection of redline hot wheel cars my dad purchased for me when I was 12 years old. He told me to always keep them in a nice safe place...in other words never play with these cars...play with the others, because these just might be worth something one day. Well I'm 41 now, and the day came to find a buyer. I talked with John on the phone and he made me a great offer! Little did I know the cars would be worth what he was willing to pay. I really enjoyed dealing with John, he made everything very simple, and the whole process went great! Thanks again!! "
-- Brent Mcbride, Ripley, MS
"I had a great experience working with John at Johns Toy Chest. John was very knowledgeable, easy to work with and paid a very fair price for my items. If your have toys to sell give John a try! You won't be disappointed! "
-- Gretchen C., Montoursville, PA
“Like to thank John [& wife]. I had to sell old Hot wheels and called John. I sent photos of cars and had some what of a price in my head. John was nice to call back and said some cars are more [really nice to know that good people are still around]. So we did our dealing and things are good. If i find more things he likes i will call him again. Thank you and have a nice day.”
-- Ann LaPorte, MI